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There must be a valid reason, if Paradise was a pristine garden. From the beginning, the human-nature bond has turned out to be a marriage intended for great works, accomplishments that enliven the body and spirit. The great kings of the past dreamed of gardens that mirrored their magnificence, where a simple walk could turn into a multi-sensorial mystical experience. And this is our mission, to make you feel a unique experience by entering your garden. Designing a landscape means designing a beautiful, harmonious and functional environment from the respect for the identity of the place and the wishes of the customers with Creativity, Professionalism and Passion. Planeta srl ​​deals with Garden Design and Landscape Architecture on any scale and in every part of the world: private villas, resorts, hangar gardens, vertical gardens, tourist facilities, giant design, real estate development and urban parks.

Sicilian Style Gardens
By Planeta Srl  /  31 July 2017
Rooftop Jungle Experience
By Planeta Srl  /  28 July 2017
Green Office
By Planeta Srl  /  27 July 2017
Store | Sound sculptures
By Planeta Srl  /  24 July 2017
Penthouse Sky Dream
By Planeta Srl  /  24 July 2017
Design build | Turnkey Solutions
By Planeta Srl  /  19 July 2017
Roof gardens
By Planeta Srl  /  7 July 2017
Green Roofs for Healthy Cities
By Planeta Srl  /  26 June 2017
Living green walls
By Planeta Srl  /  26 June 2017
By Planeta Srl  /  20 June 2017
Design | Garden Design
By Planeta Srl  /  20 June 2017
By Planeta Srl  /  13 February 2017
Biodynamic Garden
By Planeta Srl  /  6 February 2017
Spa & Wellness
By Planeta Srl  /  25 January 2017
Artificial Rocks
By Planeta Srl  /  25 January 2017
Waterfalls and streams
By Planeta Srl  /  24 January 2017
Custom Pools
By Planeta Srl  /  24 January 2017
Architectural lighting
By Planeta Srl  /  20 January 2017
Garden lighting ‘Moonlight Effect’
By Planeta Srl  /  20 January 2017
Worldwide Plants Broker
By Planeta Srl  /  19 January 2017
Pools Reconstruction
By Planeta Srl  /  19 January 2017
Terraces & Balconies
By Planeta Srl  /  19 January 2017
Bio Park
By Planeta Srl  /  13 January 2017
Erotic garden
By Planeta Srl  /  28 October 2016
By Planeta Srl  /  28 October 2016
By Planeta Srl  /  25 October 2016
Large Christmas Tree
By Planeta Srl  /  17 October 2016
Ecopavè® | Natural Pavings
By Planeta Srl  /  15 October 2016
By Planeta Srl  /  1 October 2016
Set ups
By Planeta Srl  /  29 September 2016
Seaside Garden
By Planeta Srl  /  13 April 2015

Garden Design

In garden design, from small to wider, from the simplest to the most complex, the skills that drive Planeta‘s business have always been botanical knowledge, passion and feeling. Our method of working in garden design is based on carefully studied phases, each of fundamental importance, which have the purpose of offering creative, design and technical pathways, extravagance and professionalism accumulated in our long history: four generations of nurseries and 122 years of love for plants, landscape architecture, territorial transformation and recovery. The garden, in the collective imagery, leads to an idyllic scenery of rustic charm, a green work that is intended to immerse the visitor in Nature, where the green of plants and meadows marries the kaleidoscope of blooming colors, combining Perfectly between them. Green roofs, vegetable gardens, natural pools, perennial flowers, vegan painting, vertical gardens, immerse yourself in our history and discover all of our fascinating landscaping.

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