Penthouse Sky Dream

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Penthouse Sky Dream

Penthouse Sky Dream

Creating beautiful private garden spaces is a privilege and we take care to work collaboratively with our clients to achieve unique outcomes for each project. Our award winning design team works with private clients across all aspects of garden design and project management including the development of a brief, concept design and construction.

Penthouse Sky Dream

As with all our projects, our Landscape Architectural approach is to start with a vision for the user experience, in this case imagining the environments that residents of this high end development would need and enjoy.  The concept our team features is prominently supporting the Architecture and helping to effectively communicating the lifestyle vision for the project. We provide design and consulting services to public and private clients to assist with the planning, design & construction of external spaces, developments and infrastructure. We see Landscape Architecture as the critical link between civil engineering and architecture for the creation of successful and beautiful external places and spaces. We approach each project with levels and contour design of the site as the primary driver of both understanding the site and identifying issues. Levels and contours ultimately determine access, retention and drainage which are the building blocks of every successful landscape. We always strive to teach Clients and consultants that Landscape Architecture is more than just plants and trees. We work for great clients and consultants, resolving challenging projects and ultimately delivering quality outcomes. We want to promote and elevate the profession of Landscape Architecture by turning up the volume on scientific rigor, quality and service.  We are proud of our profession and want to play our part in contributing to its advancement and standing in the community. Our experience tells us that the best creative outcomes come from a positive, happy and supportive work environment and we are committed to making ours an enjoyable one. We value our staff – without whom, we could not function effectively.  We are committed to maintaining a fun, family-friendly workplace, which seeks to enable a better balance between work, play and family life.  We believe that this ultimately delivers stronger results for our clients through greater diversity of design ideas and a calm studio environment.


Planeta has a growing reputation for transforming rooftop outside spaces into stunning roof gardens experience. Our garden design studio has an expert team of specialists on hand to guide you through the process of design and landscaping of a sustainable and stunning sky dream gardens


Sometimes we can produce a simple makeover of an existing drab and dreary terrace using our expert horticultural knowledge to select the right plants that will tolerate life on a roof garden and combine this with some fresh landscape finishes. However, for many roof garden design packages we need to look in more detail at the structural and planning elements of the area to ensure that the roof garden is not going to compromise the fabric of the property, planning stipulations and leasehold liabilities. For newer developments with purpose built roof terraces it is usually a straightforward process of our structural engineer assessing the construction of the building to assess the weight loading and wind tolerance that we have to work with during the design process. For older buildings and previously unused roof spaces we might have to apply for planning permission, work with an architect as part of a bigger refurbishment or extension or work with a structural engineer and contractor to strengthen the structure of the roof before installing a garden.


Many roof gardens are suited to a more contemporary style of design that make the space feel light and open whilst using materials and plants to limit exposure and increase privacy. When a roof garden is enclosed or protected it is always a fantastic opportunity to let plants take the lead in the design for added impact. Roof terraces will often have lots of planters or large pots to accommodate planting and this is an opportunity to display a client’s individual taste in a project. There is huge range of materials available for landscaping roof terraces now and no longer are you limited to bog standard decking or concrete tiles. We can explore the options available during the design process to give you a truly unique roof garden design that compliments your home and enhances your lifestyle.


Roof garden design is more than producing a stunning outdoor space. Unlike our urban garden designs the roof garden has it’s own challenges. Our vast experience has seen many different access and construction restrictions overcome with forward planning and expert project management. Roof gardens will often cost more than a ground level garden because a lot more logistical labour is involved to deliver the final project. Our experience has seen us individually wrap and carry materials up 8 floors without a lift, close roads and hire cranes. Of course not all of our roof garden design projects are as complex but it is worth considering the effect on neighbouring properties and the practicalities of how our team will work around you during the installation.


Roof garden planting can be so much more that the usual suspects such a s rows of bamboo often seen in many designs. We have successfully established everything from meadow planting to fruit trees on roof terraces. The planting roof gardens is very much dependent on the aspect and exposure of the site but we will always try and accommodate any specific planting style requests that our clients have. We are happy to complete individual roof garden planting projects and planter installation when a full re-design is not required.

We complete a vast range of roof garden projects each year. 


As a second home for the client, the design intent was to create a relaxed, beachy getaway in a tranquil and clean space. Close collaboration between the client and the Planeta design team occurred all along the process, in order for the rooftop to embrace and extend the architecture’s sweeping, curved edges and bring the interior  into the outdoors and vice versa.

The materials, details, and color palette flow seamlessly  between outside and in a nautical oasis of ipe wood, white and blue furniture, and light grey marble. Program elements included a custom kitchen, dining area, sun deck, custom ipe pergolas and infinity edge spa. Due to the harsh conditions of a rooftop, native, wind and salt-tolerant plants were used in order to create a microclimate within the space.

Create rooms

Consider the terrace an extension of the indoor; If space permits, divide it into rooms. Planeta use visual dividers like privacy screens, floor panels and plants to delineate each area

Be aware of the elements

Wind is something that many homeowners in dense, single-dwelling neighbourhoods don’t worry about as much, but on an exposed rooftop or unshaded balcony wind and sun exposure can be much more extreme.

Keep things low-maintenance

A lush, dense garden needs to be watered daily – ­especially if there are edibles planted. It’s important to remember that a balcony’s unique setting make for more extreme conditions than on the ground. We, of course, often hook into the water bib, available on most roof terraces, to install an automatic irrigation system, which keeps the plants thriving and allows for more time lying back, enjoying the beautiful, plant-filled space. Who says you can’t have a condo and green it too?


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